The Most Beautiful Place in Ireland for Tourists.

From the striking view of the Cliffs of Moher, to the green valleys and flowing streams of Glendalough County. Ireland has long been one of the most beautiful, and unique places to visit on planet Earth. Every year an average of 9,5 Million tourists from around the world travel to this beautiful little island across the Irish Sea.

You will never find yourself wanting for more beautiful things to see, taste, and experience in Ireland. But to some, the best place in the island to experience these things isn’t Dublin, or Cork, (Although they are stunning). Rather for many visitors, Galway is the place to be.

The city of Galway is located in the west of Ireland, in the County Galway. This small city is nestles on the beautiful river Corrib, right by the sea. And believe me, it is filled with everything a traveler could ever want from a quintessential Ireland trip. The City of Galway is home to a humble population of just 80,000 people. But itself sees over 1 million visitors each year! Making Galway one of the most popular, and exciting places to visit in Ireland year round. This city definitely doesn’t lack in Irish country charm!

In Galway, you will be able to find anything from the centuries old ancient neighborhood of The Claddagh on the western bank of the river Corrib, to the stunning Galway Cathedral. You won’t find yourself lacking in any of the traditional Irish stonework architecture we all dream of seeing.

Galway also offers plenty of modern shopping and museum options that can take you from the ancient times, to modern in a matter of minutes. Built around the 16th century Lynch’s Castle, you will find the bustling Shop Street. The main thoroughfare that runs down the middle of center city Galway. Here you will find any sort of shop, boutique, or restaurant you could ever want in your Irish adventure.

You will also find a multitude of interesting historic museums in Galway. The Galway City museum, or the Numerous attractions of the City University Museum will make sure that you are thoroughly educated on the history of this beautiful coastal city and it’s ancient heritage.

So whether you are seeking the stunning picturesque nature of an Irish postcard, or wishing to try an authentic pint of Guinness. The lovely little city of Galway will have everything you desire to make your trip to Ireland a time to remember!

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