Popular Irish food

Ireland might not be known for its fancy cuisine but it does have its fair share of tasty and hearty dishes. A lot of popular Irish food gets its origins from England. Most of the famous dishes involve potatoes in one form or another so you can expect to eat those if you are interested in trying popular Irish food. Because, well, Ireland is famous for potatoes. If you are ready for some good, hearty home cooking, Irish dished might be perfect for you!

Soda Bread

There isn’t a family in Ireland that doesn’t have a recipe for some good old fashioned soda bread. Some recipes are more on the sweet side by adding honey or dried fruit while others are of the saltier variety. Either way, all of the recipes involve the same main ingredients; baking soda, buttermilk, and flour. No matter what way you choose to make it, sweet or salty, you’re going to want to eat it the “traditional” way. With lots of butter! Soda bread is a popular Irish food that goes well with pretty much anything, especially with stew!

Irish Stew

Another popular Irish food is Irish stew! There’s nothing better than a nice hot bowl of stew to warm you up in the cold winter months. Irish stew is traditionally made with mutton, onions, and potatoes (of course). Some people add carrots or other vegetables to the stew. These days, most Irish stew is made with lamb instead of mutton because mutton is harder to come by. Either way, Irish stew is a popular Irish food that is simple to make, yet hearty and filling on a cold winter night


Made with potatoes, boxty has also been called “potato bread”, “potato dumplings” or “potato pancakes”. It was also touted as “poor house bread” long ago when potatoes were the main ingredient in most Irish dishes. It is made by adding grated potatoes to mashed potatoes. You add this mixture to flour and salt and then boil it before you slice it and then fry it in butter. You can also add it to a pancake like batter and bake it in a pan before slicing it and frying it. Either way, it is a filling side dish that goes great with breakfast items such as bacon or eggs.

Black Pudding

It isn’t a sweet treat like you would expect. No, this popular Irish food is actually made with pork meat, pork fat, blood, and oatmeal. Basically it is a sausage and not a sweet dessert. White pudding is similarly made, just without the blood. Both of these puddings are a staple in Irish breakfast foods. There are even black pudding potato pancakes if you are missing the potatoes in your diet. Most popular Irish food includes very few ingredients but still manages to be hearty, flavorful, and filling. Potatoes are the corner stone to most of the dishes served but the Irish have also come up with other dishes that do not include their famous spuds. If you are looking for a nice filling meal, popular Irish food is the way to go.

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